Here is a basic schedule of our rates.

We are federally licensed professional merchant marines!
Our rates are basically industry standard rates, we don’t try to be the cheapest we are professional captains and plan accordingly we are successful, careful and give you what you pay for!

Crew Required:

Sailboats all sizes at least 1 deck hand required.
Sailboats underway 24 hrs a day need for more than one person aboard.

Sailboats over 65 feet or any boat on very long passages 2 deck hands

Powerboats 1 deck hand required, larger boats may require a second hand


CAPTAIN: Starting at $325.00 per day, $425.00 per day for larger vessels

DECKHAND : $125.00 per day

CREDENTIALED SEAMAN : $175.00 per day


FUEL COST: fuel, oil or other consumables used during the trip will be at the owner’s expense.

DOCKAGE FEES: we do not add on to the cost of dockage fees, power vessels on the inter costal will have docking fees we don’t run the smaller power boats 24 hours a day so we will sleep on the boats in marinas if appropriate anchorage is not available.

TRANSIT FEES or Port Cost, Sailing permits: At owners expense no ad on’s

A DEPOSIT IS NECESSARY to schedule you on my calendar, obtain crew and become available

PAYMENTS: by Cash in person or Credit Card or Online through Pay Pal

EXAMPLE for 32 foot powerboat

Captain @ $325 X 1 days = $325

Deck Hand @ $150 a day X 1 days = $150
$ 325.00 captain
$ 150.00 deckhand
$ 475.00 sub total
plus travel expenses NA (owner picked up crew)

Advanced reservations are required for all trips.
Payment is required to reserve a booking.
Payment can be made by: cash or credit card in person, check by mail, or online via paypal.
Checks must be cleared prior to the trip.


Captain at his sole discretion may
cancel or postpone a delivery due to weather conditions or any unsafe condition of vessel or unforeseen circumstances beyond his control.
Every effort will be made to reschedule the delivery under the same terms and conditions.
Captain is not responsible for any loss incurred by the customer as a result of a cancellation except for the fees paid, any fees would be refunded.
If the customer cancels the reservation for any reason, 50 % the amount will not be refunded.